Financial Coach Eindhoven

Dit is een aanvullende dienst die ik uitvoer voor Engelstalige expats in Nederland.

Hi expat! A financial coach – like me- is a person that educates, inspires and motivates clients on their personal finances and creates an income & spending plan that reflects the values and life goals of the client. During this process I empower my clients to take responsibility for their decisions, I support continual learning and personal growth and I serve as an accountability partner throughout the process.

This learning process of managing your finances for the better is a highly motivating and exciting time. It is my life’s purpose to help empower my clients to live a life where money problems have been overcome. It is not a struggle or an issue anymore! Spouses are working as a team towards financial goals and life goals that are close to their hearts. To overcome these struggles means freedom of choice and possibilities to choose a life that was not available before.

It means a life with resilience and it is amazing.

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